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1) KaniKavan Shargh Engineering Company was established in 2000 offering a wide range of technical services (consultancy, supervision and execution of EPC projects) including engineering, research, construction, installation, commissioning and executive management to meet the requirements of civil, industry, mining, oil & gas and power plant projects.
2) Kanikavan Engineering Company by employing specialized staff, advanced software, creating a suitable work environment, focusing on creativity, obtaining registration rights, construction and operation of a mineral processing laboratory, obtaining the necessary permits from the Management and Planning Organization, transferring technical knowledge, increasing competitiveness in domestic markets, using the services provided by domestic and foreign suppliers and manufacturers, continuously develops its capabilities in the field of information and communication technology, management planning and performance control, project management, value engineering, technical knowledge services, business services and financing.
3) Kani Kavan Shargh has developed its quality policy based on continuous improvement and increasing client satisfaction. To accomplish this, Kani Kavan has implemented an integrated management system based on ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2018 and HSE-MS.