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KaniKavan Shargh Engineering Company was established in 2000 offering a wide range of technical services (consultancy, supervision and execution of EPC projects) including engineering, research, construction, installation, commissioning and executive management to meet the requirements of projects involved in civil, industry, mining, oil & gas and power plant.

To attain to its goal, KaniKavan continuously develops its activities in the field of upstream oil and gas industries, ICT, planning management and performance control, project management, value engineering, know-how services, financing and shareholding in the above-mentioned areas as well as worldwide commercial and financial services.

KaniKavan has developed its Quality Policy based on continuous improvement to follow up its customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, KaniKavan has implemented its Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and HSEMS.

Typical competencies of KaniKavan are technical capability, expert staff, advanced software, holding high position of qualification in terms of grading by Plan & Budget Organization in the fields mentioned above, proper working environment, focus on creativity, R&D, improvement of technologies, knowledge-centered approach, obtainment of patent and license, transfer of technical knowledge to improve the performance of activities and to enhance the competitive capability in domestic markets, utilization of the services offered by domestic and foreign suppliers and manufacturer.

Construction of the research center for mining industries in Pardis Technology Park and operating of the mineral processing laboratory are the typical strategic characteristics of KaniKavan. Utilization of expertise of the competent staff together with enjoyment of intranet, advanced software, archive of technical documents, and automation system have formed KaniKavan’s well-organized structure enabling us to render valuable civil, industrial, mining and mineral services to the clients.