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Kani Kavan Shargh Engineering Company is aware of its duties and functions in various areas of social responsibility (environmental, stakeholders, economic, ethical and voluntary) and try to achieve its goals in these areas:

In the field of environment and society KK executes its projects in a way that minimizes the impact of its operations, products and services on the environment by minimizing the use of resources, replacing technologies, environmentally friendly materials and interacting with NGOs.

In the area of ​​staffing, by creating the right cultural environment in the workplace, creating appropriate processes for interacting, providing safe and healthy conditions for employees, identifying and removing barriers and problems and respecting employee privacy, stabilizes and consolidates their sense of responsibility, belonging and loyalty to the organization.

In the economic field, considering the technical capability of contractors and suppliers, customer and consumer rights, product quality, identifying opportunities for participation, etc., KK tries to select appropriately its partners in the product supply chain with regard to technology development.

In the field of ethics, it operates in a way that respects and manages the existing legal constraints by adhering to ethical principles, preventing social harm and promoting ethics in the workplace.

In the voluntary field, in order to serve the community and fulfill some of its social responsibilities, in cooperation with the Yazd School Builder Charity, has started building a school in the province which has come to operation since 2016.

The direct benefits of implementation of our social responsibility will be as follows:

  • Promotion of trade value
  • Further access to financial resources
  • More safety and health for personnel
  • Risk management and more effective supervision on company activities
  • Eagerness of personnel
  • Loyalty of customers
  • Promotion of confidence between all beneficiary parties
  • Consolidation of global image