1) One of the key elements of sustainable development is a health human resources that forms part of national capital in developing countries, so it is essential to develop a systematic and creative approach in health, safety and the environment to protect and support these resources.
2) KaniKavan Shargh Engineering Company from the early years of its establishment, the implementation, development and improvement of the HSE_MS, as well as integrated management systems consisting of ISO9001, IS014001 and ISO45001 put on its agenda.
3) The purpose of these systems implementation is to provide an appropriate environment for excellence of the organization, to improve health and safety of employees, to reduce adverse effects on the environment and its protection, to reduce costs through the control of life and financial accidents and cultural development trough continuous training to all people in organization.
4) This is accomplished through the use of specialist HSE team and while creating a policy in organization, has made it possible to provide specialized services to employers. This services include:

• Providing health, safety and environmental consulting services.
• Performing executive projects considering health, safety and environmental issues.
• Supervising of correct implementation of health, safety and environment requirements.
• Identify, evaluate and manage health, safety and environment risks.
• Preparing of health, safety and environment plans (HSE PLAN).
• Preparing specialized HSE procedures and instructions.
• Holding HSE specialized training courses.